Xbox Game Studios Will Keep Investing in “New Gaming Studios and Content”

Microsoft’s annual fiscal report suggests they’re not done with studio acquisitions.

xbox game studios

Microsoft have completely turned things around for their first party portfolio in the last couple of years, and between setting up new teams like The Initiative, purchasing large studios like Obsidian Entertainment and Ninja Theory, and bringing in relatively smaller one such as Undead Labs and Compulsion Games, they’ve certainly bolstered their first party lineup considerably. And if Microsoft’s recent statements are anything to go by, they don’t plan on slowing that momentum anytime soon.

In fact, just recently, in their annual fiscal report (via Klobrille on Twitter), Microsoft suggested that they would continue to invest in investing in new studios and content. They wrote: “We continue to invest in new gaming studios and content to expand our IP roadmap and leverage new content creators.”

As for who Microsoft could potentially set their sights on for future acquisitions, though that’s more of a guessing game right now, there are possibly some dots to connect. For instance, reports late last year suggested that they were interested in purchasing a Polish studio, and Bloober Team – who they’ve collaborated with frequently of late – could be among the candidates there.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also talked about acquiring an Asian studio in the past to bolster the Xbox Game Studios lineup and attract better support from Asian markets. Meanwhile, recent reports pegged Microsoft among one of the frontrunners for the acquisition of WB Games, but WarnerMedia’s recent statement has suggested that that might not happen.

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