The Ascent Has No Randomly Generated Levels or Load Screens

Other details, like gunfire filling up rooms with smoke, also revealed.

The Ascent

Despite the general reception to Microsoft’s Inside Xbox being mixed, fans have warmed up to a few of the showcased games. Neon Giant’s The Ascent is one of them, offering a Diablo-like action RPG experience set in a cyberpunk future. Thanks to a new preview by IGN First, new details about the title have come to light.

With regards to graphical effects, smoke is one to watch out for. In realistic fashion, firing any guns will fill rooms with smoke. The effect is so pronounced that you might see light rays actually streaming through, highlighted by the smoke. It was also revealed that there are no randomly generated levels in the game, though enemy placements may randomly change.

There are no load screens while traversing this giant world and it’s possible to fast-travel using the subway system. The Ascent can be played solo but is also billed as a four player co-op game. To that effect, all party members will appear during story cutscenes, which is a great touch.

The Ascent is currently slated to release this year for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X. For more extensive gameplay footage, head here.

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