Sony Confirms Slowed PSN Download Speeds In US

More people at home means an overload of activity.

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With the current global pandemic going on with COVID-19, it has forced many to be isolated at home. Many businesses are shut down, thus people are looking for something to do so they won’t go mad. Studios have released movies early to Video On Demand, for instance. Gaming is a big thing to distract everyone, and of course, it’s going to stress out the servers. That’s why Sony is taking some moves to make things a bit easier.

In a statement via the official PlayStation blog, Sony confirmed they would be slowing download speeds in the US on PSN. While it is annoying, especially since so many are going to be stuck at home for at least a few weeks, it’s a needed precaution. Xbox Live and Nintendo Online have both crashed under the strain of so many people being on the server, for instance, and Sony has already done something similar in Europe where the outbreak is even worse currently.

It’s annoying, I know, but it’s better than having the whole thing crashing and not having access at all, I suppose. Hopefully, this won’t have to last too long in the grand scheme of things.

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