Sea of Thieves Will Get Xbox Series X Enhancements, Rare Confirms

However, details of these enhancements will come later.

sea of thieves

Backward compatibility is something that Xbox Series X is banking on hard, and that’s been instantly apparent in all of Microsoft’s communications about the console over the past year. Most recently, they spoke once again about how the system will be able to run games from the libraries of all past Xbox consoles, and how many will even receive system-level enhancements. One game that will receive similar enhancements will be Rare’s seafaring pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves.

Taking recently to Twitter, Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Naete talked about the incredible work being done by Microsoft. He went on to tease that Sea of Thieves will also receive enhancements on the Xbox Series X, but also stated that that information will be shared later, before saying that there are clues for what those enhancements might be in Microsoft’s aforementioned article.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and Windows 10 (and will be coming to Steam soon), and has enjoyed great success since launch, so it’s not surprising that Rare and Microsoft want to continue supporting the game. In fact, if the developer’s recent statements are anything to go by, the pirate utopia will be getting new content updates for some time to come.

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