Redfall Screenshots, Details about Open World, Progression, and More Have Seemingly Leaked


Microsoft, Bethesda, and Arkane haven’t really said much about Redfall since announcing it at E3 earlier this year, and with the game not out until some time next year, it’ll probably be a while before we start getting more concrete details on it. Before that happens, however, it seems several details and even a few screenshots from the game have leaked on Reddit, supposedly following a recent playtest. And while Bethesda has stressed in the past that Redfall will still be doing a lot of the things Arkane’s games are known for, given that it’s the studio’s first ever open world game, it’s not surprising that some of these leaked details mention some interesting changes.

Redfall’s open world, for instance, seems to be taking inspiration from a lot of other games. Borderlands seems to be a big one, with the core gameplay loop, boss fights, and NPCs being describe as similar to Gearbox’s looter shooter series. The game will allegedly have a “core story” that players can follow, but there will also be “a myriad of side arcs, missions, and fights” across the open world.

The world’s size is compared to Ghost of Tsushima and Fallout 76, and will apparently be “seamless” similar to Breath of the Wild. Meanwhile, there will supposedly of a total of six playable characters, with each of them having their own unique ability. One character can teleport across short distance, one is accompanied by a bird that acts as a drone, and another can use a cloaking ability for stealth.

Speaking of stealth, both stealth and all-out combat are described as viable choices. Where weapons are concerned, you can expect traditional ones like rifles and handguns, but there will also be some fancier ones tailor made for the game, like one that shoots out stakes. Enemies will have variety across ranged, melee, human, and vampire types as well. Killing enemies and completing missions nets you XP, but not much else is shared about progression.

Finally, the leak mentions that Redfall will be entirely playable solo or in co-op, which, of course, has been officially confirmed as well. In co-op, however, the leak claims players won’t have any co-op partners.

As always with any leak, it’s best to remember that this is unverified information, so take this with a grain of salt for now. Then again, the fact that screenshots of gameplay from this supposed playtest have also leaked does lend some credence to the details mentioned here. Speaking of which, you can check out the screenshots in the Reddit post through the link above.

Redfall is due out in 2022 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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