Pokemon Sword And Shield Sold Over 6 Million Units In Launch Week; Fastest Selling Switch Game Ever

Pokemon Sword and Shield_Gigantamax

It seems there was a lot of negative feelings about Sword and Shield leading up to release, largely because the games lack a lot of features and Pokemon that have been present for a long time. But it wasn’t enough to matter on the financial side of things as the newest Pokemon entry saw massive sales.

As announced via Game Freak’s official Japanese Twitter, which you can see below, Pokemon Sword and Shield sold a staggering six million units worldwide in its launch week alone. That makes it the fastest selling piece of Switch software ever. So combining the powerful brand of Pokemon along with the most popular Nintendo system in some time has paid off big for this year’s entry.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now for the Nintendo Switch, and you can check out some of our useful tips and tricks on what to do in the newest title through here.

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