New World Dev Diary Showcases Three Opposing Factions

Learn more about the Lost, Ancients and Angry Earth that occupy Aeternum.

New World

New MMORPGs, that too as large-scale as Amazon Game Studios’ New World, aren’t exactly common. Since the game’s debut trailer at The Game Awards 2019, we’ve been eager to know more about the island of Aeternum and the conflicts on it. A new dev diary outlines some of those conflicts, including that between three key factions.

These factions are the Lost, Angry Earth and Ancients. The Lost are like ghouls, and mainly consist of deceased pirates and sailors who are now without a soul. Angry Earth are like the island’s main defense mechanism, rousing to fight off any threats. The Ancients are your typical advanced civilization that disappeared for reasons unknown.

Each faction has their own goals and ideals, and players will have to deal with them and the Corrupted. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the combat but players are encouraged to band together for better chances at survival. New World is currently slated to release on May 26th for PC – stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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