Monster Hunter Rise Boss Guide – How to Beat Aknosom, Royal Ludroth and Barroth

The hunt continues with a fiery bird and two aquatic foes.

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Aknosom is a new Bird Wyvern monster whose main weakness is Water and Thunder. It’s not super-weak to many ailments but Blast and Waterblight perform decently enough. Main breakable parts include the beak, crest, tail and each individual wing. Impact damage is most effective on its head while Cutting damage does well on its head, crest and wings. Shot damage isn’t very great overall but you can still do decently by aiming for the head.

Aknosom is capable of rushing at the player, beak first, and performing a sweep attack with its wing. You’ll notice the sweep attack coming when it starts rearing back (though it can also perform a shorter sweep after standing on one leg briefly). It can also shoot fireballs that travel a short distance and leave burning patches. Be careful when getting too close since it can also slam its beak into the ground, chunking a decent amount of health off. Another interesting attack that Aksonom performs is a front flip which can hit opponents behind it. It doesn’t have the craziest range but it’s still something to look out for.

The key is to recognize the small openings that Aksonom has after its attacks and using the Wirebug to dash in and deal damage. If you can dash next to its head while it’s shooting fire projectiles, you get a fairly decent window for attacking. You can also attack when it stands on its leg for a short sweep – it tends to repeat this twice, allowing for more time to attack. Keep up the pressure and eventually, Aknosom should go down.

How to Defeat Royal Ludroth

If you missed having Leviathans to fight in Monster Hunter World, then they make a pretty strong return in Rise, starting with Royal Ludroth. It’s weak to Fire and Thunder and can inflict Waterblight. Its giant yellow mane is its biggest weak spot with Cutting damage being the most effective, followed by Impact damage. Shot damage is most effective on its head, followed by Impact and Cutting damage. While generally resistant to most ailments, Blast and Fireblight are somewhat useful against it.

Along with swiping its claws and slamming down with both front legs, Royal Ludroth also tends to roll from side to side. It can also dive forward while executing a barrel roll, dealing some decent damage on direct hit (this differs from its usual lunge where it often soars over the player’s head if they’re close enough). Given its affinity with Water, it also shoots water projectiles which on the field and can trap the player. Watch out when it’s enraged since it can fire three water projectiles off at a time. You’re better off attacking Royal Ludroth’s mane area from the front whenever possible. Pick your openings and be careful of being knocked back.

Also, whenever possible, try to fight Royal Ludroth out of water. Its mane will slowly begin drying up, causing it to lose its yellow luster. This will cause it to tire and eventually retreat to seek out water. Follow it and keep up the attack.

How to Defeat Barroth

Barroth returns in Monster Hunter Rise, sporting many of the same moves as in previous games. Like Jyuratodus, Barroth can cover itself in mud which provides some manner of protection. Water is most effective on its muddy form with Fire being the best against its normal form. Along with Water damage, it can inflict Waterblight, increasing stamina consumption for the player. In terms of ailments, Poison, Paralysis and Blast are most effective followed by Fireblight. Its foreleg and tail are susceptible to all kinds of damage. While its head is very resilient, you can still break its crown for parts.

Barroth will often charge at the player with its reinforced head, sometimes even stepping back to get a full head of steam. It also has a habit of knocking one aside up close with its head, which deals slightly less damage. Be careful when getting too close as Barroth can also rear its head back and slam it down for a fair chunk of health. Also be careful when attacking from the back since it can swipe its tail and knock you away.

At certain intervals, it will start spreading and shooting mud from its body while also covering itself. The mud will linger on the field for a short time so be careful not to get caught in it, especially when Barroth is slamming its head down. Eventually, it will tire – use that opportunity to attack it with everything you’ve got. It’s also possible to attack from the air using the Wirebug when Barroth begins spraying mud – this also has the advantage of interrupting its attack. Alternatively, if you’re using weapons like the Longsword, keep damaging its tail and eventually sever it before laying in the damage when it falls. The windows for attacking can be generally small so choose your moments carefully.

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