Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Brings The Snow In New Video

A little of the white stuff to wet your appetite.

flight simulator

In 2020, Microsoft will revived their beloved Flight Simulator series. The game promises a return to great flying simulation as you soar high above the skies in a variety of different planes. But the flight and planes are only part of what makes people rub their hands for this one. It’s also the incredible graphics being promised. Today we got a little taste of that with a winter treat.

In a very brief video, the game highlights snow. One of the most difficult effects sometimes, the little snippet we’re shown is rather impressive. You can even notice various areas where the snow can’t accumulate properly, leaving dark spots. It’s not the first time the game has dazzled us visually by any means, so this one will be quite the looker.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator will be available for both Xbox One and PC sometime in 2020. You can follow all upcoming news on the game through here.

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