Matt Booty – Consumers Should Feel “Comfortable” With Either Xbox Generation This Holiday

Booty says no one should feel left out.


This holiday season the next generation of consoles will finally be here. While Sony’s PS5 is still largely under wraps, Microsoft has unveiled their next system as well as their philosophy going forward. It seems more so than systems, Microsoft is looking to focus on ecosystems, and for this holiday it seems that they want consumers to feel comfortable buying into any of their hardware.

In an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine (February 2020, issue 186), Booty said that they plan to make consumers feel comfortable investing in Xbox in general, no matter which generational system you will picking up, echoing a sentiment he expressed last year about the importance of choice.

“I think we want people to feel comfortable investing in Xbox. And whether that means that this holiday you’re going to go buy an Xbox One S, or next fall you’re going to go buy a Scarlett – you’re going to feel comfortable either way. And that content library that you invest in is going to go forward, so that you don’t have to feel like you’re making a choice between generations, right? I think that’s important to us.”

It makes sense, especially since they’ve said that it could be up to two years before the next Xbox begin getting console exclusive titles. While you can say that it may seem like a damper on sales of their hot new system, it seems they want to cast a wide net to everyone they can this holiday.

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