Lost Soul Aside Developer Clarifies Previous 2020 Statements

The previous statement was not a release date announcement.

Lost Soul Aside_02

Lost Soul Aside is one of those interesting looking games that, unfortunately, hit some snags. The game has suffered several internal delays and, at this point, it’s somewhat up in the air when the game will actually land. We got a slight update on the game when its Creator mentioned the developer’s goals and hopes, but now it seems they want to pull back just a bit on that, since some people were just a tad too eager in how they took his statement.

Creator Yang Bing recently gave an interview where he said that the team hoped to get the game out by this year. While it seemed clear (at least to me) Bing was talking in terms of hope and not pinning down an actual date or time frame, it seems some people took it that way. That’s why the developers took to the game’s official Twitter to clarify that the interview was not an actual release date or time frame announcement. You can see that below.

The game is said to be an action title inspired heavily by Final Fantasy 15‘s combat system. Even though it is just a hope, let’s cross our fingers that the game will manage to get released this year.

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