Far Cry 6 – Giancarlo Esposito Talks About Playing Antón Castillo In New Interview

The famed actor talks about his role as the antagonist in the next Far Cry game.

far cry 6

Far Cry is a series that prides itself on the strengths of its antagonists and their portrayals, and Ubisoft always makes sure to emphasize that fact for each new entry in the series. With the upcoming Far Cry 6, it seems like they’re looking to take that to the next level, with Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul’s Giancarlo Esposito set to star as the new Far Cry villain.

Esposito stars as Antón Castillo, the ruthless dictator of a fictional island nation called Yara, where in the midst of a revolution, he prepares his son Diego for the realities of ruling the nation he will one day inherit. In a new video posted by Ubisoft, Esposito and Anthony Gonzalez (who plays Diego Catillo) talk about their characters, and the process of bringing them to life for the upcoming first person shooter. Take a look below.

Far Cry 6 is due out for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on February 18, 2021.

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