Dragon Ball FighterZ Showcases Master Roshi Gameplay

Get a look at the Dragon Ball original in action.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Master Roshi

The Dragon Ball franchise is no stranger to fighting games. For many years, that’s pretty much all the games we got that adapted the IP. But even with that in mind, Dragon Ball FighterZ ended up being something special. Between the sharp anime style and the frantic pace expected from Arc System Works, the game is quite something. It’s continued to get support with an OG character coming in Master Roshi. Now, we get a look at him in action.

If you’re only familiar with the Z part of franchise and onward, Roshi isn’t known for a lot outside being a massive pervert as well as a kind old man that the crew hangs out with from time to time. But he was a key fighter in the original Dragon Ball series, and the gameplay here showcases some of that. They’ve made him a quick one, as well as showing his moveset that includes him jacking up his muscles for a massive energy blast as well as shrinking his foes down to fit in a sake bottle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Roshi will be available on September 16th for early access members and the 18th for everyone.

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