Destruction AllStars Being on PlayStation Plus is “A Massive, Massive Win for Us” – Developer

“We’re now going out to the widest possible audience,” says game director Colin Berry.

destruction allstars

When Destruction AllStars launches imminently, it’s going to be free for every PS5 owner that has a PlayStation Plus subscription, but it was only when the game was delayed shortly before its original November 2020 launch that Sony made that decision. Prior to that, it was intended to be a full-priced release (and for Sony, full-priced now means $70). Given the game’s live service multiplayer nature, there’s been quite a few who’ve praised the switch to its free period, and developer Lucid Games is also thrilled with the same.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, when asked about Destruction AllStars’ more unique nature and how the developers feel about whether or not players will be willing to give it a go, game director Colin Berry said that being free on PlayStation Plus is “a massive, massive win” for the game exactly for this reason.

“I think that’s why PlayStation Plus is a massive, massive win for us,” Berry said. “We wanted to be on PlayStation Plus when we launched, that was something the team was really behind. It took a bit of time, and it was a bit of a late hour to get those decisions through, but it’s brilliant for us, because it means we’re now going out to the widest possible audience. There’s just millions of people with PlayStation Plus – so hopefully, they’re gonna try it. One of our aims with this has been to make it pick up and play.”

In the same interview, the developers also spoke about their plans for post-launch support of Destruction AllStars, and it certainly seems like they have some stuff in the works for many months to come. Head on over here for more details.

Destruction AllStars is launching just hours from now, on February 2, exclusively for PS5. It’ll be free on PlayStation Plus for two months starting tomorrow. You can get more details on the game through here, courtesy of its recent State of Play presentation. You can also learn more about its monetization and progression through here.

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