Dead Cells Crosses 3 Million Units Sold, Update 19 Live on PC

“Update of Plenty” brings major changes to crossbows, shop costs and gear.

Dead Cells_02

Motion Twin’s Dead Cells continues to soar to greater heights with sales crossing three million units since release. Evil Empire, which is handling development, also released the latest major update “Update of Plenty” for PC players. Expect consoles to receive this update in the coming weeks.

The “Update of Plenty”, the 19th major update added to the game, offers quite the range of changes. Crossbows are now two-handed weapons and “Survival” only, and players now carry a backpack for holding a weapon. This is to allow for using a two-handed weapon – which occupies both weapon slots – and going to a one-handed weapon if it’s not working out.

Other changes include gear price now scaling with item level, changes to affix rerolling and refinement and free shop rerolls (though items will become expensive in the process). Scrolls have been removed from “++” and S tier weapons but gear damage has been increased, enemy damage reduced and more scrolls added to early biomes to offset this.

Check out the developer’s latest Vlog below for more details on the latest update.

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