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Persona Series Hits 13.1 Million in Sales

Shin Megami Tensei has passed 17 million in its lifetime. In Sega Sammy’s annual integrated report for the year, the company provided an update on lifetime sales numbers for its various franchises. Some of the most noteworthy figures

All Final Boss Battles in Metal Gear Series Ranked

For all of the analysis done on Metal Gear Solid’s narrative and characters, the themes and metaphysical commentary surrounding it, there are some pretty darn good boss fights. Of course, the final bosses always turn out to be the most…

15 Most Underrated Role Playing Games

Amid all the big-budget RPGs, loot shooters and free to play titles of our time, there are a number of role-playing games which have faded into history. Many are still excellent to this day or enjoy a small but passionate group of fans.…

What the Hell Happened to Ape Escape?

Few games can claim the sheer amount of pop-culture stature that the Ape Escape series can. Or, at least, could. The unique blend of a wacky story and setting where monkey’s with helmets that accelerate their intelligence, and a very…