Apex Legends – New Voice Message Teases Upcoming Development

Short voice clip sees Bangalore leaving a message for someone named “P”.

Apex Legends_Voidwalker

Respawn Entertainment has been fairly busy with Apex Legends. Following the launching of Season 5 with new character Loba, it also announced crossplay, a Steam release and a Nintendo Switch version. It now seems that something else might be happening in the coming days.

The official Twitter account for the game shared a new clip called “New message: Received 13:02.” It has someone named “Williams” – who fans will recognize as Bangalore – leaving a message for “P” and asking if they’re “already done.” “Hiatus is coming up soon. I’ll swing by this weekend – drinks are on me.”

While “P” could refer to a number of different characters (Pathfinder, for instance), many are speculating this to be a new Legend. Apex Legends isn’t shy about teasing characters in advance. Revenant made several appearances before eventually being released in Season 4 while Loba was actually a child in the killer machine’s story trailer before debuting in Season 5. So if this is a new character, they could be released at a much later point.

Or this could just be a fun tease for some other story-related content. We’ll have to wait for more details in the meantime. Apex Legends is currently available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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