15 Jaw-Dropping Storm Effects in Video Games

Visual fidelity in video games can be serious business, whether you’re going for a highly realistic style or gorgeous aesthetics. While some games succeed off the back of gorgeous landscapes, character models and animations, others manage to deliver excellent weather effects. And then there are the games that go further beyond with their depiction of raging storms. Let’s take a look at 15 such games with the most extreme storm effects.

Just Cause 4

just cause 4

How could we not mention Just Cause 4, especially when the entire hook of the game is its extreme weather? Tornadoes emerge naturally, swallowing up nearby foes and debris; thunderstorms will strike down enemy helicopters and a stray Rico if he’s caught unaware; and sandstorms will be rough, coarse, irritating and so on. It’d be amazing to sit back and watch the destruction unfold if you weren’t at risk of being destroyed yourself.

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