Xbox Series X Will “Go Big With Xbox All Access” – Phil Spencer

Spencer may have also suggested that there will be multiple next-gen Xbox variants.

xbox series x controller

Microsoft are taking some very smart steps heading into the next generation of consoles, and another part of their plans as they look to include more people in their planned ecosystem with the launch of the Xbox Series X is going to be the Xbox All Access program, which allows consumers to purchase their consoles for no upfront costs and payments of monthly instalments afterwards.

Speaking with IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that with the launch of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will “go big” with the program. What’s interesting, however, is that he said Microsoft would do that at the launch of the consoles”- yes, plural (spotted by GameSpot). It’s possible that this was a slip of the tongue, but it’s also possible that Spencer simply misspoke. That said, it’s worth noting that there’s been no shortage of rumours and leaks about multiple Xbox Series X variants going on sale at different price points.

It’s unlikely that Microsoft will launch a cheaper next-gen Xbox simultaneously with the Series X, especially as they plan on keeping the Xbox One around as a cheaper alternative for the foreseeable future- but it does lend credence to the possibility that such a variant is in the pipeline- if Spencer didn’t simply misspeak, that is.

The Xbox Series X is due out this Holiday season, and Microsoft seem confident of hitting that release window– even if there is a scenario that sees the console’s biggest launch title getting delayed.

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