Xbox Series X/S Only Next Gen Consoles To Have Full AMD RDNA 2 Support, Per Microsoft

Microsoft praises AMD’s latest tech.

xbox series x xbox series s

In less than two weeks, we will see the official launch of next generation consoles. Unboxing videos are already out and about for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S, so you can almost taste the excitement in the air. With new boxes, also come a lot of new technology, and Microsoft has a bit of a brag of what you can only find in their machines this November.

In a news post from Xbox Wire, Andrew Goossen, Technical Fellow, and Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management announced that the Xbox Series X and S are the only next gen consoles “with full hardware support for all the RDNA 2 capabilities.” This comes shortly after AMD showcased their latest Radeon RX 6000 Series of RDNA 2 GPUs. While there aren’t a lot of specific details, they talk about this opening up a lot of thing such as “hardware accelerated DirectX Raytracing, Mesh Shaders, Sampler Feedback and Variable Rate Shading”, all which have their own methods in improving how games look and run. You can read more details at the full post through here.

Both the Xbox Series X and Series S will launch on November 10th, and you can read details and walkthroughs on both through here.

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