Xbox Game Studios Boss Is Not Interested In “A Head-To-Head Bout With Sony”

Matt Booty is more focused on delivering on promises.


Though there are many out there who like sparking console wars and so-called rivalries between different consoles, the console makers themselves seem to be far less concerned with such fictions. Microsoft, for instance, has focused on itself in recent years, looking inward and setting up the foundations to have a more stable future in the coming years.

And as per head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty, going forward, that’s what Microsoft’s first party studios are going to continue to do. In a recent interview with MCV UK, Booty said that he was reluctant to look at things from the perspective of competing with Sony, and would rather focus first and foremost on making sure that the first party studios are delivering on the promises they make to fans.

“First of all, Sony’s done a fantastic job just across the board in terms of what they’ve done with building an audience, selling consoles, obviously, a number of amazing, great games that have come out of their first party teams,” said Booty. “I try to stay away from framing things as a head-to-head bout with Sony, instead I think that it’s just up to us to focus on three things. First of all, we need to deliver on the promises that we make. So if we say a game is going to ship at a certain time, we’ve got to get that done, we just need to get better at executing.”

Another focus for Xbox Game Studios going forward will be to “continue building characters, stories and worlds that can transcend generations, devices and platforms.” Read more on that through here.

Meanwhile, Booty also recently that confirmed that all Microsoft games will also launch on Xbox One for at least a couple years after the Series X’s launch.

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