The Riftbreaker Gets Over 5 Minutes Of Gameplay

The wild RPG/RTS hybrid gets some extended gameplay.

the riftbreaker

One of the more interesting looking games on the horizon is The Riftbreaker. The game is something of a hybrid between the action RPG, RTS and base building genres. Today, we got a new look at the game to give you an idea of how all of these mesh together.

As part of the IGN Summer of Gaming event, a new gameplay video was shown. It features over 5 minutes of the chaotic action filled with a lot of explosions, flamethrowers, ferocious enemies and a not small amount of deaths. A whole lot of death, actually, but it does illustrate how the respawn and map systems work. You also get an idea of what some of basebuilding elements are like. Check it out below.

The Riftbreaker is slated to come out later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We actually got an interview with developer EXOR Studios last year about the game, which you read through here.

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