The Game Awards 2019 Saw 73% Viewership Increase From Last Year

The event saw over 45 million livestreams.

the game awards 2019

It’s hard to believe, but The Game Awards has become one of the biggest single events in the gaming industry. It’s evolved into something almost totally separate than the other conferences and events we see throughout the industry, and if you had any doubts about that, the kind of viewership the 2019 version of the show got is something to look at.

At Geoff Keighley announced via his official Twitter, the veiwership went up a staggering 73% in viewers from last year’s show. That equates to over 45 million livestream viewers who tuned in throughout the show. That’s far more than any major conference from E3 or TGS or any other event by a pretty large margin.

The Game Awards has become the place for publishers to show off trailers and games at the year’s end. While this show was slightly more muted than usual game wise, we did get the reveal of Microsoft’s next generation Xbox. For all the major announcements from the show, we got you covered through here.

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