Shakedown: Hawaii Rated By ESRB For The Wii U

No, you read that right.

Shakedown Hawaii

Nintendo is flying high right now with their hybrid Switch console. It’s quite the leap from their last home console, the Wii U. The system will most likely go down in history as the company’s greatest failure being one upped by only the Virtual Boy. The company abandoned the platform pretty quickly, but it seems it could get one more notable title in Shakedown: Hawaii.

Shakedown is a game that plays much like the Grant Theft Auto series before the third game as a top down ultra violent affair (though the game’s Creator says it’s not directly inspired by those titles). A recent ESRB rating seems to point to a potential Wii U release, which is just…something. To be fair, the game also released on the Vita and the 3DS well after those system’s shelf lives so maybe it’s not that odd all things considered.

Shakedown: Hawaii is available now on PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Vita and 3DS. Nothing officially has been announced about this Wii U version as of yet. But get your ‘what year is this’ gifs ready for when the announcement comes.

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