Sega is Looking to Revive Dormant Franchises with Remasters, Remakes, and Reboots

Mentions Virtua Fighter, Shinobi, Crazy Taxi, and more.

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More and more, we’re seeing game developers and publishers looking to revive older beloved properties in some way, shape, or form, and it’s actually been working out very well for the most part, with some pretty big success stories in recent memory. And it seems Sega is looking to carve a piece of that pie as well.

The Japanese company has a number of beloved properties that have been lying dormant for a long time now, but Sega seemingly has plans to “utilize” those IP. In the company’s recent quarterly fiscal report, it mentioned a number of such properties that it plans to revitlize with either remasters, remakes, or reboots. Among the names mentioned here are CrazyTaxi, Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, and Virtua Fighter.

House of the Dead is also mentioned, and a Switch remake of that was already confirmed. Meanwhile, the presentation also mentions Streets of Rage and Panzer Dragoon- both of the franchises have also seen recent revivals, with Sega licensing them out to external developers, with Streets of Rage 4 and Panzer Dragoon Remake respectively.

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