Returnal Has 10 Base Weapons, Over 90 Weapon Traits

Other roguelite mechanics like Obolites and Suit Malfunctions are also detailed.

Housemarque’s Returnal received a new trailer highlighting the game’s combat and tools. More details and screenshots were made available through the PlayStation Blog though. The overall number of weapons that players can obtain in the game is 10 but there are over 90 weapon traits (with a new one every three levels) and 10 alternate firing modes.

Essentially, as you progress, these Weapon Traits will change up how a particular gun acts. Examples include the Spitpaw Blaster which goes from a regular shotgun to one that fires explosive shells or creates pools of acid. It’s also possible to stack Weapon Traits so if you stack a trait that provides shields for the player, it can increase survivability even more. The alternate firing modes add even more zest, providing features like the Shockstream’s electric impulses to the Tendrilpod’s tentacles. All of this is offset by the fact that Selene is only able to hold one weapon and different enemies require different strategies to defeat.

Given that this is a roguelite, there’s constant progression even when you die. Runs start with the Cthonos giving a random item and random items are provided as you progress. These are added to the pool and can be chosen from the start. Different tools can also be unlocked like the Dismantler which acts as a smartbomb or the Kinetic Siphon for restoring health through melee kills.

Other features include cursed containers which can provide good loot but may cause a Suit Malfunction. These malfunctions can include taking damage when opening a door and must be repaired with Obolites. Obolites can also be used to activate checkpoints to respawn at with your current arsenal, as opposed to starting from the beginning on death.

Returnal is out on March 19th for PS5 and is sounding more enticing with each new reveal. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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