PUBG Gets Team Deathmatch With Unique Twist In Newest Update

The original battle royale game gets a classic mode.


The original Battle Royale shooter, PUBG, has enjoyed a long life span as well as continued updates. The focus has always been on that original Battle Royale, though. While undoubtedly that will continue to be the game’s draw, it does seem like the developer is looking to try some new things, starting with an old classic mode.

Earlier, the PUBG test client got an update (6.2) that adds Arcade. The new section will actually cycle out a variety of new modes for you to play and try out. As of now, they haven’t announced what all of these modes will consist of, but the first one out is old school as old school gets: Team Deathmatch. However, it does have a twist. You will have a boost gauge, a bar that fills up by getting kills and assists, and goes down whenever you take damage. The boost gauge is required to be filled to regenerate health, meaning you have to stay active to some degree when playing the game.

PUBG‘s Team Deathmatch mode is live on PC in test servers now and will hit live for everyone next week. It will eventually come to consoles at some point after that.

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