PS5’s SSD Will Make Load Times “Blindingly Fast”

So fast that developers might even have to manually slow those transitions down.

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The PS5’s SSD has been its biggest talking point since the moment we first heard about the console, and we’ve heard plenty about how it will reduce load times, have an actual impact on game development thanks to its quick in-game streaming of assets, and even greatly reduce patch install times. Recently during his talk about the PS5’s architecture, lead system architect Mark Cerny talked about SSDs a bit more.

In particular, Cerny spoke about how the SSD will make load times so quick – using the example of fast travel cutscenes in 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man – that those screens will be “blindingly fast.” According to Cerny, they will be so fast, in fact, that developers “might even have to slow that transition down.”

Plenty of other details about the PS5 have also emerged from Cerny’s talk. The full specs list of the console has been revealed, while Sony have also talked about its custom-built 3D audio engine, as well as its expandable storage.

The PS5 is currently due out this Holiday, and Sony is not expecting any delays- yet. Meanwhile, it looks like the PS5 won’t have full backward compatibility support for the PS4 at launch- read more on that through here.

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