PS5’s SSD Ahead Of Even “Best” Current High-End PCs, Says Tim Sweeney

The Epic Games CEO is impressed with Sony’s console.


Are you feeling that next gen heat yet? It’ll probably be a few years before the games we actually buy and play give us that true feeling, but we did get a good taste of that with the recent Unreal Engine 5 tech demo that ran on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. People have been raving about it ever since it was revealed yesterday, but it seems the CEO of Epic Games, the company behind Unreal, is raving about the machine the demo was on.

In an interview with IGN, Sweeney swooned over Sony’s hardware. He was clearly quite impressed with what he had to work with in the PS5. One piece of praise he had specifically was for the system’s SSD. It’s one feature that other people in the industry have pointed to as a big deal in the console’s design, and one Sony seems to be banking on to set it apart. Sweeney even goes as far as to say the PS5’s SSD is ahead of “the best SSD solution you can buy on PC today. And so it’s really exciting to be seeing the console market push forward the high-end PC market in this way.”

Of course, we are in the beginning of the marketing cycle for these machines, so hype speak is at its strongest, and the PC market is one that’s ever evolving so this statement may very well not even be true by the time the system launches this holiday season. Still, regardless of what you may think of Sweeney, he has seen a lot of tech, so it says something if he’s this impressed.

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