PS5 DualSense Real-Life Picture Allegedly Leaked – Rumor

Could this be the first non-stock photo look at the controller?

ps5 dualsense

Before we got a look at Sony’s upcoming console, we first got a look at the DualSense controller. While the overall structure is familiar, it’s probably the biggest redesign the PlayStation controller has gone through since the first console. There’s been lots of neat stuff said about it from developers, but so far we’ve only seen stock photos. Well, a new picture is out there claiming to be the first seen in real life, but how authentic it is is anyone’s guess.

Someone on the gaming forums ResetERA posted the picture below of the allegedly controller. It’s being held and we only see the front. While it looks quite large, it’s possible that’s more just the perspective of the photo than the controller itself. The user who originally posted this has not come forward to clarify where this came from, nor has it been verified by the moderation staff as of writing this. Some on the forums have also pointed out some things that seem off, particularly the analog sticks looking too worn.

A few weeks ago we got an alleged photo of the PS5 system itself from the factory floor, though that also was never officially confirmed. We know the system is in production, but it’s always worth taking leaks such as this with a big grain of salt.

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