Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – How to Solo 5-Star Raids

Here’s how to take on the toughest Max Raid bosses all on your own.

pokemon sword and shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is about catching ’em all (check out our guide here for more info). However, there are several other endgame activities that will keep you occupied afterwards like the raids. Soloing the Dynamax Raids might be some of the toughest challenges especially the 5-Star Raids. So how do you go about doing it all on your lonesome?

In Max Raids, you’ll have NPC trainers joining your party to lend a hand, negating the need to be constantly online. There’s a caveat though – their level is roughly 70 percent of yours. So the best option is to make sure your Pokemon are at level 100 before attempting the raid. This will ensure that NPC trainers are their highest possible levels.

5-Star Raids are tougher than the average raid due to attacking several times in a turn and having a 10-turn limit to defeat them. The fight also ends if four Pokemon faint so the higher their levels, the better. Level up quickly from the Battle Tower or use Exp Berries and Rare Candy to make the process quicker.

Boosting Pokemon stats with Vitamins is also key but you’ll want to focus on increasing Attack and Special Attack for that higher DPS. Bring Legendary Pokemon like Eternatus (who’s earned from completing the main story and specializes in Max Raid battles) to further tip the skills in your favour. Held Items are also important for further boosting Attack and Special Attack.

Look for the Choice Specs on Spikemuth and Choice Band on Route 2 – these grant 50 percent extra Special Attack and 50 percent extra Attack respectively. Use Choice Specs on Eternatus and the Choice Band on your next powerful Pokemon and you’re good to go.

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