Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – How to Earn Max Cash From Battles

If you have a high-level Gigantamax Meowth, you’re on easy street.

Pokemon Sword and Shield_Leon

Earning money can be an important endgame grind, especially it helps purchase vitamins for raising Pokemon stats. So what’s the best way to get near endless amounts of cash? With the help of Gigantamax Meowth and the Amulet Coin held item.

First, get the Amulet Coin from the Galar Mine. It’s behind the sign in Galar Mine #2 within Motostoke Outskirts. Next is Gigantamax Meowth – if you’re an early purchaser, it will be available as a Mystery Gift. Otherwise, you can trade for a regular Meowth and Gigantamax it. Just speak to an NPC trainer in the Gym in Turffield for the Meowth. Alternatively, you can seek out a Gigantamax Meowth in the Wild Area, namely in Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Seat and Stony Wilderness.

Once you have both, equip Gigantamax Meowth with the Amulet Coin. Head to the Champion’s Cup, which can be replayed once the story is finished, and use Meowth’s Gold Rush three times. The amount of money earned is multiplied by 100 whenever the move is used so using it three times grants a multiplier of 300. Having the Amulet Coin doubles this to 600 times the regular pay-out.

Make sure Gigantamax Meowth is level 84 so that you can still win battles in the process. You should be able to earn close to, if not the max of 99,999 cash possible from a battle. The Champion’s Cup should offer the best pay-out and be the easiest to farm as a whole so don’t be afraid to spend a few hours there.

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