Outriders Broadcast Scheduled for July 2nd, New Area Teased

More details on the Pyromancer class will also be provided.


People Can Fly’s Outriders will be receiving another special “Outriders Broadcast” on July 2nd at 9 AM PT. “Beyond the Frontier” will take a closer look at the various characters that will accompany players throughout their journey. A new area will also be showcased and seems to be a creepy forest, contrasting with all the desert areas seen thus far.

You can also expect to see more of the Pyromancer class. This class has been dubbed a “fire mage” but functions as a strong mid-range fighter. Abilities include Thermal Bomb, which homes in on foes and sets them ablaze – killing these targets will create an explosion. Ash Blast will hit all surrouding enemies with ash, allowing for either a brief respite or an opportunity for some easy kills.

Heatwave fires a flame wall ahead that damages any enemies in its path. Those that aren’t outright killed will be set on fire. Overall, it’s an interesting class and provides a nice contrast to the Trickster (which was covered in the last Broadcast). Outriders releases this holiday season for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X and PS5. Stay tuned for more details in tomorrow’s broadcast.

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