Nintendo Switch OLED’s Dock Does Have New Hardware For 4K/60 FPS Output, Another Teardown Reveals

nintendo switch oled

A content creator by the name of KawlunDram has taken to Twitter to reveal that the Switch OLED‘s dock does have new hardware capable of improved video output. They note that the dock’s DP2MHDMI chip has been updated to a new Realtek chip, which seemingly has support for 4K/60 FPS output. This comes shortly after a teardown from Nintendo Prime, who also claimed the same.

The Switch OLED also comes with a new HDMI 2.0 cable, which, as tested by KawlunDram, works just fine with an Xbox One X. However, a point worth noting is that the Tegra X1 chip in the Nintendo Switch does not support 4K output- but Nintendo has added an “update dock firmware” function on the new OLED models, which might hint at future updates adding some sort of 4K support.

Either way, this re-instantiates the belief that Nintendo is actually working on a 4K Switch Pro. A recent report revealed that developers have been receiving development kits for a 4K console, which Nintendo dubbed as false. Given the gravity of chip shortages and logistics constraints, it isn’t hard to imagine why Nintendo may be refraining from announcing any new hardware just yet – if it is actually working on something, that is.

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