NHL 20 Gets Snoop Dogg As Special Guest Character

Light one up for this guest.

NHL 20

We live in a bizarre world, of that there is no doubt. It feels like things are getting stranger and stranger as time continues on. And today just makes you feel that as it was announced the newest official hockey title, NHL 20, got a special guest star that I doubt anyone could have possibly expected.

It was announced that rapper and known marijuana connoisseur Snoop Dogg will feature in NHL 20. He’ll come with his own likeness as well as themed gear, with a jersey that spells out Snoop. A little different than the usual attire for sure. He also will be available as a commentator, calling matches beside James Cybulski.

It is weird, no doubt, but it’s probably not nearly as random as it seems. Snoop Dogg actually did some guest commentary for the LA Kings at the beginning of the year, and the rapper has had his likeness and voice in various video games throughout the years. If you ever had a drive to play Snoop D-O-Double G in a hockey game, NHL 20 and Snoop is available now.

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