Mortal Shell is Exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC

More gameplay and a boss fight revealed at The PC Gaming Show.

Mortal Shell

Cold Symmetry’s Mortal Shell garnered its fair share of attention during IGN’s Summer of Gaming expo. Its trailer highlighted the brutal Souls-like action that players could look forward to. A new trailer, along with gameplay of a boss fight, was revealed at The PC Gaming Show. The PC version was also confirmed to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

In Mortal Shell, players will traverse a dark fantasy world, engaging with all kinds of monstrosities. They can take the help of the Shells, playable characters that confer different abilities and skills. Each has their own unique backstory which you’ll learn more about as you progress.

However, it’s possible to fight outside of a Shell, which is showcased in the boss fight below. What’s taking place afterwards is unknown but we’ll likely find out in the coming months. Mortal Shell releases in 2020 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC but there will be a beta on July 3rd. Stay tuned for more details.

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