Microsoft Reportedly Considering Allowing Xbox Owners The “Right To Repair”

xbox series x xbox series s

Microsoft has pledged to investigate possibilities of allowing customers the “right to repair” their own devices. The Redmond-based giant seems to be one of the first big-name companies to support the right to repair movement, as reported by Grist.

Microsoft has now made an agreement with a non-profit investor group called As You Sow, agreeing to hire an independent firm with an intention to study the possibilities and advantages of repairing one’s own devices. Microsoft will be publishing a summary of results obtained from these studies sometime in 2022.

Of course, fans are well within their rights to dismantle a console or any other hardware they own with an intention of repairing, but detailed instructions and spare parts aren’t available for end-consumers to make the ordeal less painstaking, while doing so can also usually void warranties. The right to repair movement has been gaining a lot of traction lately, as tech giants such as Apple have made repairing or replacing any hardware in their products an extremely daunting task. Hopefully, more and more companies join the fray in an effort to support paying customers full rights to repair their own hardware.

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