Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Comes To PS4, Xbox One, And Switch January 28th

The infamous adventure game will come to consoles this month.


7 years is a long time no matter which way you slice it. Episodic gaming has had struggles since it become a trend with coming out on time, but even the most delayed titles didn’t go quite that long. But Kentucky Route Zero is, by no means, an ordinary game. After 7 years of waiting, the game’s final episode will finally release, along with a TV edition for current consoles.

The game follows a furniture delivery man who finds himself on a surreal adventure meeting the likes of a haunted repairwoman, a pair of robot musicians, and a host of other odd characters. The old school point and click adventure game has been infamous for the massive delays it suffered. The first episode released all the way back in January 7th, 2013. As you can see from the official Twitter below, the game will finally conclude as well as come to consoles with the TV edition.

The TV edition of Kentucky Route Zero will release at the same time as the game’s final episode on PC on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch January 28th. It will include all five episodes as well as all interlude episodes released in-between.

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