Halo Infinite’s Season Pass Contents Potentially Leaked – Rumor

Halo Infinite_08

After a very long delay, it seems Halo Infinite is almost upon us. While we still have seen almost nothing from the game’s campaign (though it’s apparently made at least one person smile), the mutliplayer has been on full display with several test flight betas. The reception has largely been positive, but some question remains about how the multiplayer will handle some new elements, such as the introduction of Season Pass content. We’ve had some information from 343 about it, specifically about how progression will work, but a new leak points to some more concrete information.

Reddit user GeauxAndrew compiled some listing of datamined material that could point to the contents for the Season Pass for the initial season of the game’s multiplayer life. There will be both a free and paid tier, and as you’ll be able to see, it seems the free tier is much more barren compared to the paid tier with roughly half of the free tier ranks having no rewards of 120 levels. You can see an image-based listing of the contents below, with an easier to read text version through here.

As always with leaks and datamines of this kind, we are filing this under rumor. It’s still possible that this could change closer to release, so keep that in mind, but this doesn’t look too different from the typical Season Pass/Battle Pass model of a lot of games nowadays, so none of it is too surprising. Halo Infinite is scheduled to release on December 8th, and the preload is up now for Xbox Game Pass users.

Halo Infinite Season Pass image

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