Gran Turismo Sport’s Car Roster Gets Even Bigger With New Update Coming Tomorrow

Plus, a brand new track, as well as new rounds for the GT League.

Gran Turismo Sport

Death Stranding is not the only Sony game getting a notable update this month. Polyphony Digital’s stellar game-as-a-service specimen Gran Turismo Sport will be getting one, too—tomorrow, in fact. And it will be fairly notable, especially for those of you who are fans of the game. 

This update adds five new cars to the game (the BMW M3 Coupé ’03, the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé ’20, the the RUF CTR3 ’07, the RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7, and the TOYOTA 86 GT “Limited” ’16). It also adds seven new rounds to the GT League (which means the single player content of this game has just gotten a pretty significant boost). A brand new circuit has also been added to the Circuit Experience. 

It’s a lot of stuff in a free update, honestly, and there’s more than everything I just listed (you can check out the full detailed update notes for yourself on the official website for the game). You can also check out the trailer showcasing the new update for yourself below. 

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