God of War: Ragnarok Delay Was Due to Kratos’s Voice Actor Needing Surgery

god of war ragnarok

Sony’s God of War: Ragnarok is set to release next year but based on the gameplay footage that’s been seen till now, it’s making excellent progress. While the publisher noted that the COVID-19 pandemic was hampering titles with heavy motion capture (like Horizon Forbidden West, which was delayed to February 2022), another factor seems to have contributed to Ragnarok’s delay in the long run. Actor Christopher Judge, who voices Kratos, revealed on Twitter that he had to have back and knee surgery along with hip replacements in August 2019.

“I need to be forthcoming. This has been approved by no one. To the beloved fandom, Ragnarok was delayed because of me. August 2019, I couldn’t walk. Had to have back surgery, both hips replaced, and, knee surgery. They waited for me too rehab…No threats, no , ‘who do you think you are?’ Nothing but love and support. And @SonySantaMonica
has never said a word about the delay, and what caused it. Studios are assholes, but this company from top to bottom, should give us hope.”

Judge noted that there were other things that the studio did for the crew that “I can’t talk about” but to those involved, he said, “It’s the classiest thing that I’ve EVER heard about in this business.” He further said that everyone involved in the franchise “puts their hearts and souls in every frame you see” and thanked those that “have allowed me to play and laugh, and love, and cry, without judgment, but with unconditional support and love, in this thing of ALL OF OURS.”

God of War: Ragnarok is currently in development for PS4 and PS5. It’s confirmed to be the last title in the Norse Saga and will feature single-take shots like its predecessor. Fans can also expect two new Valkryies and the Einherjar to be making an appearance. Stay tuned in the meantime for more details.

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