Ghost of Tsushima Rated In Australia

Not a game for children, to no one’s surprise.

ghost of tsushima

There’s been a lot of nervousness surrounding whether Ghost of Tsushima will be able to make its current release date given the situation the world finds itself in, especially after The Last of Us Part 2’s indefinite delay, but the game recently hit something of a development milestone. Pre-release age ratings and certifications are an important part of the process, and recently, Sucker Punch’s upcoming open world action adventure title got handed an age rating.

The Australian rating board has handed Ghost of Tsushima an age rating of Mature MA 15+, their highest age rating for a game. The game, as per the rating, contains extreme violence, blood, and gore, along with partial nudity. It is, to no one’s surprise, a game not meant for younger audiences.

Ghost of Tsushima is currently due out exclusively for the PS4 on June 26. When delaying Marvel’s Iron Man VR and The Last of Us Part 2, Sony confirmed that they had no other delays to announce at the time. Recently, the official PlayStation Canada page mentioned the game’s release date as August 1, but Sony have made no official announcement regarding that so far.

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