Fortnite Teases An Among Us Crossover On Social Media


Following a lot of controversy surrounding Fortnite‘s recent addition of the Impostors mode, it seems that Epic Games is now open to collaboration with the game that inspired it. In a series of tweets posted by Fortnite and Among Us‘ official twitter handles, both have seemingly hinted at a crossover in the works.

This comes shortly after Fortnite actually accepted its Among Us inspirations for its Impostors mode in a recent blog post. Prior to this, some Innersloth developers had expressed their disappointment for the game blatantly copying their formula, following Among Us‘ massive popularity. One developer even accused Epic of copying its map design of the Skeld map.

Whether something was in the works previously or the collaboration between the two parties was largely fueled by the controversy remains a mystery, but it’s certainly great that both have now joined forces. It remains to be seen what the result of this collaboration will be, and there’s still no signs of a release timeline for an update – which is largely understandable, given that it’s still just a tease.

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