Experience PlayStation Event Announced, Could End With PS5 Reveal

The month-long celebration will conclude on February 16th.

PS5 Logo

After revealing that it would be skipping E3 2020, marking its second year of absence from the show, Sony has announced Experience PlayStation. Intended as a “celebration event”, it will take place at the Sony Square NYC store. The celebration begins today and ends on February 16th.

So what makes this announcement so special? Because rumors have pegged the company as revealing its next-gen PS5 console at a PlayStation Meeting event in February. Though Experience PlayStation will only feature PS4 and PlayStation VR titles – of which there are plenty inbound this year – we can’t help but feel that the PS5 will be mentioned in some way, if not outright revealed.

Having the console revealed at the store would certainly play into the company’s strategy of “participating in hundreds of consumer events across the globe.” But we’ll have to wait and see what happens. The PS5 is currently slated to release in Holiday 2020. Unlike the Xbox Series X, it will reportedly launch with exclusives right off the bat with Counterplay Games’ Godfall being one of the confirmed titles.

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