Dragon Quest Builders 2 Developers Are Working On Something “Different”

It’s going to be a while before they announce it though.

dragon quest builders 2

Square Enix found more success with the Dragon Quest Builder offshoot subseries than they had probably expected back before the first game came out- and that’s because both games were surprisingly more engaging, fun, and well-designed, enough to drive interest from audiences and critics alike. Following two excellent games then, it goes without saying that we’ll be keeping an eye on whatever it is the development team that worked on them will do next.

Questions about whether they’re immediately going to go straight to Dragon Quest Builders 3 (or if there even will be a Dragon Quest Builders 3) are pertinent- but as it turns out, they might not return to the builder-slash-action RPG anytime soon. Speaking in the latest issue of V-Jump (via Siliconera), Dragon Quest Builders 2 producer Takuma Shiraishi said the team is currently working on something new, and that it’ll be a while before they’re ready to show it or talk about it.

“We’re making preparations for a game different from Dragon Quest Builders,” he said. “Please wait just a little, er, actually a while longer, for an announcement.”

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, having launched on the latter just last month.

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