DOOM Eternal’s Composer Breaks Down The Music Of DOOM

Get a look behind what goes into the wicked soundtrack.

DOOM 2016 took a lot of people by surprise. Not only was a stripped down and faithful continuation of the legendary series, it also had some real banging music. Composer Mick Gordon brought the old school metal to go with the old school shooter, and that is no different than in its sequel, DOOM Eternal, which seems to already be enjoying success. Now get a peek behind the curtain on how that music comes to be.

In a lengthy livestream, Gordon breaks down some of the music for his time composing for both DOOM titles. He talks about his process, how each piece of music is broken down based on what the player will be doing, and even shares some unused music. It’s a long video, going over 2 hours, but well worth watching. Check it out below.

DOOM Eternal, with its rocking music, is available now. You can check out how we felt about the demon slaying game in our review through here.

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