DOOM Eternal Hinted To Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

The Slayer is coming.

doom eternal the ancient gods

Earlier this year, we got a return of the Doom Slayer in DOOM Eternal, the sequel to the 2016 reboot of the series. It’s been quite a long wait for the promised DLC, but The Ancient Gods expansion will begin next month, but it also seems the Slayer could be coming to Game Pass as well.

Microsoft sent out an email to announce a new game coming to Xbox Game Pass, but said game was redacted. After promising that there was no hints, guaranteeing there would be hints, people found that by adjusting the contrast the email hid the phrase, “The Slayer is Coming.” It seems like a clear hint that Eternal is soon to come to Game Pass (thanks to Twitter user Jacob Burns, as seen below, for the picture.

Of course, with the recent acquisition of Bethesda eventually all of their titles will be on Game Pass, but that will be a slow moving process. For instance, as I write this, Dishonored 2 is leaving the service despite being a Bethesda project. For awhile, it will be a case-by-base basis, and it seems DOOM Eternal should be coming. The Ancient Gods: Part 1 expansion will launch for all currently available platforms October 20th, and you will not need the base game to access it.

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