DiRT 5 – Upcoming Patch Will Fix 120Hz Mode

Technical director David Springate apologized to Xbox Series X players facing the issue.

dirt 5

Codemasters’ DiRT 5 has received some decent critical acclaim on release but there have also been some nagging issues with it. Key among these is an issue with High Frame Rate Mode, which allows for playing at 120Hz. Simply put, it doesn’t work as intended but the development team is working on fixing this in an update.

Technical director David Springate didn’t state when the patch would arrive but he did confirm that the issue doesn’t pop up in Photo Mode. He also apologized to Xbox Series X owners and promised to have the issue resolved quickly. Since playing at 120Hz is one of the key appeals of playing on next-gen consoles, the importance of the issue is understandable.

Last week also saw a major update for the game that added V-Sync to PS4 and PS5 while fixing a host of other issues. Expect other fixes in the coming weeks and more content via the game’s Year One Upgrade pack. DiRT 5 is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC with the Google Stadia version coming next year.

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