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15 Video Game Stories That Need To Be Resolved

As much as we’d like every story to neatly wrap up its various plot threads, that’s not always possible especially with how complex some can be. This is the case across a number of media and video games are no exception. Nevertheless, we…

Top Xbox Exclusive Boss Fights of All Time

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve done these features for Nintendo and Sony exclusive games. Doing one for Xbox is a lot harder, owing simply to the fact that Xbox doesn’t have as rich of a history with boss fights as the other two…

15 Amazing Missions in the Grand Theft Auto Series

The Grand Theft Auto series is famous for laying popularizing the open world sandbox genre, allowing players to do whatever and go wherever they want (within limits, of course). However, it’s also incredibly consistent with its mission…

Too Human Is Free Now For Xbox One And Xbox 360

The infamous game is now yours to own free of charge. The story of Too Human is an interesting one. The game began development way back in 1999, and bumped around to multiple different publishers and systems for almost an entire