Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Update Error Resets Stats, Infinity Ward Working on Fix

Ranks, weapon progression and Battle Pass progression remain unaffected.

call of duty modern warfare

Infinity Ward recently released a new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which added the Crossbow to multiplayer and custom loadouts. However, it also introduced a rather annoying bug. Players who downloaded the update faced an error prompt that informed them that “Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly. You must reset your rank and unlocks to continue.”

Infinity Ward reported on the issue and advised players not to select “Yes” – this meant their stats would remain. Choosing “No” leads to stats, custom classes, Operators, and leaderboards being reset but your rank, progression, unlocks etc would still remain. A fix is currently in the works and players can still continue playing as usual.

However, once the fix is out, player stats will be rolled back to pre-update numbers. Once again, this shouldn’t affect one’s progression for weapons, Battle Pass or rank. The initial issue sounds remarkable to the one affecting Capcom’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PC, though that was due to save files not being updated after a specific date. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days about fixes.

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